Refined alcohol-Ethanol

Refined alcohol - Ethanol

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In industrial production, common alcohols come in two forms: Ethanol and Methanol. Both are produced by fermentation and distillation methods. Our alcohol products is Ethanol.

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- Food industry: processing and preserving food

»Alcoholic beverage industry: production of wines and alcoholic beverages

»Medical and pharmaceutical industry: producing medicine, antiseptic, sterilizing equipment, wound, producing hot oils ...

»Industrial production: paint, solvent, chemical, printing ink, flavoring, cleaning, industrial hygiene, textile ...

»Manufacturing cosmetics industry: perfume, room spray ..

»Fuel production industry: E5, E10 bio-petrol ..., dry alcohol production ....

The alcohols TTC Trading provides
»Food alcohol 96%
»Medical alcohol 96%
»Absolute alcohol 99.5%
»95% industrial alcohol
»Alcoholic alcohol 96%
»96% rice alcohol

 »Output is over 20 million liters per year
»Storage capacity over 2 million liters


»By container ships of at least 1,000 tons

»Tank trucks, Iso Tank

»Plastic drums / steel 200 liters, plastic can