Alcoholic cosmetics

Alcohol Cosmetic

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In cosmetic products, especially perfume, deodorant, room sprays, ... ethanol accounted significantly. Commonly used with 96% refined alcohol or 99.5% absolute alcohol. 
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  • In cosmetic products, especially perfume, deodorant, room sprays, ... ethanol accounted significantly. Commonly used with 96% refined alcohol or 99.5% absolute alcohol. To minimize the odor of ethanol encroachment ace water, alcoholic scents often  deodorized before put into mixed mode.    
  • Other names: cosmetic ethanol, cosmetic grade alcohol
  • Formula: O or C OH.
  • Concentration: min 96% v / v (98 )
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Products quality:  pharmaceutical or food qualified alcohol used in cosmetics. Depending on the type of product, recommended a strong aroma, a slight aroma, and no odor.         

  • Average density 0.8 g per cm 3
  • A colorless, volatile liquid with an aroma of alcohol and a spicy odor.
  • When burnt with emerald green smoke does not form carbon dioxide and water.
  • Viscosity and less volatile compared to organic compounds with the same molecular weight.
  • It is a mono- alcohol, soluble with water in all proportions.

Ethanol is a flexible solvent, which can dissolve with a number of other organic compounds at all proportions

  • As a solvent that dissolves some components in the product, it keeps the fragrance in cosmetic products when used, so the fragrance is kept longer.
  • A perfect solvent that helps dissolve substances and prevents the crystallization of the composition. This ability of dry alcohol makes the product texture lighter, while helping important nutrients penetrate faster and deeper.
  • In alcohol production, it is an extremely useful ingredient in preserving and increasing the shelf life of cosmetics, because of its effective antibacterial and antiseptic properties.
  • In low concentrations, or in products formulated with moisturizing ingredients that can neutralize alcohol, the presence of alcohol in the ingredients list is beneficial for the skin, especially oily and combination skin.At that time, alcohol will help the nutrients to penetrate deeper, the product dries faster and creates a feeling of dryness.
  • In high concentrations, dry alcohol loses surface oil and protein, affects the skin's moisture barrier, causes dryness, premature aging, irritation in some cases and reduces the ability of acne skin to defend itself. People with dry, sensitive, irritable skin and pimples should avoid using dry alcohol products that appear at the top of the ingredients list, typically some rose- based rose water.  
  • Recommended to use the necessary protective equipment when exposed to ethanol alcohol such as masks, gloves ...
  • In case of contact with alcohol, wash immediately and go to the nearest medical facility.
  • Avoid direct contact with ethanol alcohol on parts of the body. 
  • When exposed to ethanol vapor, wear a suitable mask.  
  • When contact with alcohol, eyes must be washed immediately with clean water. 
  • Stored in a cool place, away from heat sources.  
  • In case of fire, use powder, dry chemical, CO2 foam, mist sprayer. Never use water for fire fighting.