Alcohol rice

Alcohol Rice

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Rice alcohol is mainly used in food which is produced by fermentation methods. Rice after fermentation into ripe vinegar solution is distilled into alcohol at 96 degrees. 
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Rice alcohol is mainly used in food which is produced by fermentation methods. Rice after fermentation into ripe vinegar solution is distilled into alcohol at 96 degrees. As ethanol alcohol has removed almost completely impurities harmful to human health.

TTC rice alcohol is made from good quality rice, with a strictly supervised production process from input materials, material handling, sugar cooking, fermentation, distillation and product quality control before going to market. Meet processes that ensure food safety production conditions. Raw materials are selected from the rice bowl of Southern region
- Formula: C 2 H 6 O or C 2 H 5 OH.         
- Other names: rice alcohol         
- Concentration: min 96% v / v (98 0 )         
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  • Average density 0.8 g / cm 3
  • A colorless, volatile liquid with an aroma of alcohol and a spicy odor.
  • When burnt with emerald green smoke does not form carbon dioxide and water.
  • Viscosity and less volatile compared to organic compounds with the same molecular weight.
  • It is a mono- alcohol, soluble with water in all proportions.
  • Ethanol is a flexible solvent, which can dissolve with a number of other organic compounds at all proportions.
  • Used to produce high-class wines: sake, shochu, glutinous rice, bottled rice wine, ...
  • Used in food processing: processing of food (seasoned, marinated, grilled ...) andall kinds of fruit flavor. It is an important ingredient in all kinds of high-end cosmetics thanks to its permeation of substances moisturizing, quick drying properties create ventilation. Also Kojic Acid in the fermentation process of rice alcohol - a skin whitening agent used in skin whitening cosmetics for women.
  • Being a major component in the high-end perfumes to challenge diluted flavoring.
  • With strong sterilizing and antiseptic properties, so it is used as a preservative
  • Its quality is higher than that of medical alcohol, so it is completely used as medical alcohol (with the price almost double)
  • There are also many other uses such as fuel,
  • Dissolve and preserve pasteurized products, polish products, industrial hygiene, aromatic phase industry.... However, rarely used for such purposes due to its inefficiency, costing and unneccesstity once using other types with affordable pricing.

Preparation: Rice = > pureed = > cooked and liquefied = > saccharified = > cooled (fermented) = > cooked vinegar = > crude distillation = > refined distillation = > rice alcohol (product)               

Packaging: Products stored in stainless steel tanks, plastic drums / iron 200 liters, plastic cans 30 liters         

  • Recommended to use the necessary protective equipment when exposed to alcohol such as masks, gloves ...
  • In case of contact with alcohol, wash immediately and go to the nearest medical facility.
  • Avoid direct contact with ethanol alcohol on parts of the body. 
  • When exposed to ethanol vapor, wear a suitable mask.  
  • When contact with alcohol, eyes must be washed immediately with clean water. 
  • Stored in a cool place, away from heat sources. 
  • In case of fire, use powder, dry chemical, CO2 foam, mist sprayer. Neverusing water for fire fighting.