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TTCIMEX RICE provides high-class rice products: Jasmine rice, Ham Chau rice, ST24, ST25,...
Hotline(028) 3 997 27 27
TTCIMEX RICE is one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of clean rice products on the market today. With a modern production process and a team of experienced human resources, we are committed to providing customers with high quality rice products that meet the criteria of food safety and hygiene. After nearly 10 years of establishment and development, TTCIMEX Rice's team has been trying their best to serve customers, and at the same time, constantly improve on product form and quality, to better meet the needs of customers market daily. We look forward to receiving the attention and welcome of our customers in the future to serve you better and bring more high quality products to every Vietnamese family.
  • Head office address: No. 19, Vo Thi Sau street, ward 3, Tay Ninh province, Vietnam
  • Factory address: Hamlet Ben, An Thanh Commune, Ben Cau District, Tay Ninh Province
  • Area: 20,256.9 m2
  • The factory was completed and officially put into operation at the end of 2012

Factory size and overview:

  • Construction area: 9,364.96 m2
  • Design capacity: 40,000 tons of 15% broken rice (34,000 tons of 5% broken rice) of all kinds/year
  • The warehouse has an area of 3,600m2, a capacity of 8,000 tons of paddy (bags of 50-55 kg).
  • Processing workshop, bran house, rice drying oven: construction area 7,200 m2
  • Horizontal blister drying factory: construction area 1,800 m2.
TTCIMEX Rice is proud of the quality of products and services that we provide to customers during the past time. Currently, TTCIMEX Rice has a modern factory with a total area of nearly 10,000m2 with a convenient location, right at the gateway to both road and waterway traffic. With a drying capacity of up to 200 tons/day along with a finished product production line of up to 180 tons of raw materials/day, TTCIMEX Rice always tries to bring customers high quality products, becoming a supplier brand. Big rice in domestic and international market.

Located in a strategic location on the key raw material area of Tay Ninh province with a total rice growing area of 144,574 hectares, the estimated average annual production output is up to 722,870 tons of rice. In order to ensure to bring to consumers the finest quality rice grains, TTCIMEX Rice has invested in purchasing modern equipment, constantly improving the rice production process with a fully automatic production line.

With this investment, not only significantly improved the reduction of labor but also increased productivity significantly, increasing the value of TTCIMEX Rice brand in the market.

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