Employee rights

1. Employee rights:

- In line with TTC Group human resource development strategy, the views of TTC Trading include:

              + Recruiting and appointing the right capacity, right position; Remuneration parallel with the work capacity and contribution achievements.

              + Setting wages, bonuses, benefits system which helps retain talent and attract personnel

              + Focusing on providing employees with a comfortable and united working environment.

2. Ongoing programs:

              + Training and career development at TTC; implementing the recruitment and appointment of qualified personnel to managerial positions.

              + Seniority bonus for employees who have worked with the company for more than 5 years, 10 years, 15 years ... on the occasion of establishment of the company

              + Employee allowances in the occasions of marriage, birthday, sickness ...

              + Annual leave, social insurance, insurance disaster victims 24/24, periodic health examination.

           + 13th month salary, bonus, company trip local and international (depending on the business performance annually).